Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari’s new twin-turbocharged convertible is charged with broadening the appeal of its mid-engined V8 range. Its GTB coupé sister has been criticised for the sound it makes, despite being blindingly fast, so does removing the roof add to the aural appeal?

The 488 GTB coupé went on sale last month and Ferrari assures us that no one has yet rejected their car due to the sound it makes. This Spider version, which is mechanically pretty much identical, costs from £204,400 and is available to order now with the first deliveries commencing in June 2016.

The 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 is a development of the engine first seen in the California T (for Turbo), with even more improvements aimed at reducing the delay before the turbos start working at their most efficient and producing extra power.

The result is a car that is easily as fast as the GTB but with a broader appeal – it can be the consummate sports car of refined cruiser, as well as everything in between.

And, since there’s still a Ferrari V8 heart beating behind the cabin, the extra 100bhp it has over its 458 Spider predecessor is music to our ears